Pop Artist/Publisher

Tom Zotos has influenced celebrated names in animation, comics, and movie history. Every studio from Warner Bros. to Disney has utilized his creativity to earn millions from the box office direct to retailers around the world. We produced, "pop culture artifacts" as Zotos puts it, "to feed our love for Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, and Batman."

A Few Popular Classics From the Zotos Archive

"Leo daMickey"

I wanted to tell the world Mr. Disney was the modern Leonardo daVinci. I wanted the actual blue prints of the two castles (Anaheim & Orlando) so I had to jump through hoops, beg, plead, cry, and finally Disney's secret society "Imagineering" said yes. I thought I was in the clear, but now I needed extra arms and legs on the most famous character in world history. Anatomically change an icon? What would the legal department say? I lobbied the head council on the lot, his office was as big as Eisner's, he had been in my corner for the Walt poster, and he loved the "Leo" image as well. Tom Zotos

"Speechless" An Homage to Mel Blanc, the highest grossing lithograph in animation history

Zotos co-founded Zanart publishing Inc. in 1989. The company became art developers and licensees for Warner Bros. studios. Zotos published "Speechless" in 1990 to enjoy a phenomenal success touting sales in excess of 20 million dollars.

"Walt in the Doorway"

 Zotos searched the Disney archives for a young Walt image. He discovered the portrait on a forgotten proof sheet, it substantiated the fact Walt staged and took the portrait himself in 1928 on Hyperion blvd. The portrait was another tough sell to get the studios to agree to merchandise Mr. Disney. We needed permission from the Disney family because Walt was rarely merchandised. Chris Harris, P.R. agent extraordinaire helped get everything approved. We sold more than 50,000 units.

Tom Zotos' Art is Collectible!

Art & Design

Tom Zotos is currently designing for the music industry, he will be appearing in art shows throughout 2018.